Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a find!

So I went downstairs from my office bldg to find a bite to eat... I wandered over to Walden bookstore (they are all closing you know) and found the MOST adorable .... "thing"... I can't tell you what it is.. .I want it to be a surprise for everyone. They were on clearance and I gobbled up every last one of em... It was kind of funny, cause the cashier had to scan each and every one of them (50+) and people were grabbing them off the table and like "oh those are cute"... and I wanted to slap their hand and say 'no way - those are mine' (no - just kidding!!!) So I told them all about its intentions and this great event we have planned for Hank! The non crafters just gave me a glazed over look, but some of them caught on. LOL Anyhow - just thought I'd throw a teaser out there!!! I plan to have the flyers ready by the end of the week for you volunteers to start distributing and jpgs ready for you bloggers.
Have a glorious day!

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